January Sales!

Well 2015 has got off to a flying start here at Spanish Property North. I don’t know whether it’s down to our constant hunt for the best properties to market combined with our excellent service or the fact that prices have fallen as low as they’re likely to or simply the strength of the pound to the euro, but we are currently swamped with buyers.

As ever, properties with lots of land are particularly popular, with many of our clients looking to escape from the stresses of city life and to live more in harmony with nature. The dream of self-sufficiency and low-impact living is alive and strong in the hearts and minds of those moving to Asturias, ‘el paraiso natural’. Properties like this one, with 2 hectares of land and the chance to buy more, plus various outbuildings ripe for conversion in addition to the main house, are generating lots of interest.

Stone built house and barn with 2 hectares of land

The house is fully renovated and has a secluded setting, 8km from the popular fishing port of Ribadesella

The architecturally typical Asturian house, stone and wood built with classical galeria or corredor, is also as popular as ever; particularly if it’s detached, with a garden, great views and great access, all at a very accessible price – like this gem, located in the natural reserve of the Sueve.

Typical traditional Asturian house for sale in Piloña

Gorgeous traditional Asturian house, ready to move into.

And then there’s the properties that have had their prices slashed to way below cost, making them unbeatable value, like this luxury villa in Galicia, on sale at half the original asking price. No wonder buyers are beating a path to our door!

Luxury villa for sale in Galicia

Luxurious top-quality villa set in 8,000m2 gardens