Western Asturias

As you travel further west both the physical and the architectural landscape change gradually, becoming less Asturian and more Galician. The roof tiles change from rounded terracotta to flat, grey slate; the horreos from square, chestnut beamed granarys to narrow, stone-built ones and the mountains retreat from view.

Windmills high above the coast at Cudillero

Windmills high above the coast at Cudillero

Main towns: Cudillero, Luarca, Luanca, Navia, Somiedo

Cudillero is a picture perfect little fishing port, popular with tourists in the summer months and very reminiscent of many a Cornish fishing village. A great spot for seafood, as you might expect.

Inland, the Parque Natural de Somiedo is one of the wildest parts of Asturias. While you may be used to seeing ‘Deer Crossing’ signs, here you’re more likely to see a warning for brown bears crossing!

bears crossing