Mary made our property search relaxed and enjoyable, when previously it had been quite a frustrating process. She had a long discussion with us about our requirements, and had a good knowledge of our search area, meaning she was able to quickly narrow down the search to properties that matched our criteria and budget. Unlike some agents we had worked with in the UK, she didn’t waste time showing us unsuitable properties, and she was also very easy to contact and get information from. We were looking at properties all over Asturias, and Mary took loads of time driving out to meet us at various remote locations to investigate potential purchases. Once we’d decided on a property she managed everything to make the actual purchase process easy. She also acted as our translator with the Notary and the Vendor during the completion meeting, making sure we understood the contract and patiently going over clarifications and corrections to the deeds. She was really great with little details that might have tripped us up, like helping us get our NIEs and making sure we opened a non-resident rather than resident bank account, which would have caused problems on completion day. Overall it was a really positive experience and if you are looking for property in the area we would definitely recommend contacting Spanish Property North.

Dave and Anna Renner, January 2017



After a 12 year search for a property in Northern Spain, we had all but given up hope of finding our ideal house. We had been close but there was either too much work needed or there was something just not quite right. We had found Spanish Property North through a search on the internet. In August 2014 we heard via an estate agent of a property in Asturias that on paper should have been ideal, in reality it was far from it. Fortunately we had contacted Mary before our visit so had arranged a meeting. From the outset we were impressed with Mary’s in depth knowledge of not just available properties but also her insights into the whole buying process, legal issues, costs, the process, very much the helping hand we needed. During our short visit Mary sent us some info on a house that we had seen on the internet before but had dismissed due to cost. The price had just recently been dropped to a point that it was now within budget, we loved it. Within 24 hours she had managed to arrange a meeting with the vendor and negotiations began in earnest. In early October we actually managed to rent the property for a couple of nights and Mary again arranged meetings and was able to find answers for us for those inevitable questions. By the end of our visit we had made an offer, by the end of October with Mary having arranged appointments for the all important NIE number, bank account, notary, we signed on the dotted line and we became the new owners of La Torea. I cannot recommend Mary and Spanish Property North more highly. Her help was invaluable and as the process went on we were ever more aware that we would not have been able to this without her. A massive thank you for all your help.

Frank & Sue Hendre, Suffolk, UK  Posted December 2015


Mary facilitated the purchase of a property for my daughter – and one for me. Neither of us speak Spanish. The whole process took just one or two months from start to finish and costs were kept to an absolute minimum. Mary knows Asturias well and can unearth some amazing bargains. She took us around viewing properties until we found what we were looking for. She helped us to open bank accounts and to obtain NIE cards with potentially stubborn clerks and officials – coming with us to Oviedo and other towns when necessary. She was present with us at the notario’s office when the sales went through (she even acted for me, with power of attorney, when I was in England for the actual sale). She travelled with us to deal with all matters concerning the transactions (planning; architects; taxes; deeds, etc.). And she has helped to make sure that we have settled in (dealing with any local issues arising: utilities; bills; phone connection; postal deliveries; keys; neighbours, etc.). The main problem we had with the purchases was with our Spanish lawyer, who turned out to be incompetent and inefficient. Our solution? We fired the lawyer and used Mary instead! Six months later and we have had not a single significant problem arising from either sale. Mary will always try to look at ways of avoiding unnecessary costs and expenses.

If you are thinking of purchasing a property in Asturias get in touch with Mary.
Chris Hodgkin (Oxford) June 2015


‘We are very happy and excited to own our own casa in Spain, and it’s all thanks to Mary. She provided a professional and friendly service and showed a real interest in our purchase. She made the buying process clear and easy to follow. Spanish paperwork and officialdom is baffling at times so it’s great that Mary knows the local people to deal with. She did a lot of work behind the scenes to make it easy to buy whilst living in the UK.  Mary was always on time for meetings, answered all our questions and made the purchase happen. We are happy to talk to any potential clients and very happy to recommend her services.’
Sam and Sarah Benson, Wales 2014


Een huis hebben in Spanje is een droom, een huis kopen in Spanje is iets totaal anders. Natuurlijk zijn de regels in een andere land anders dan je gewend bent, maar dat ze zo anders zijn, dat is dan toch nog een verrassing. In Nederland regelt de makelaar en de notaris de koop en de overdracht van je huis, in Spanje is het vooral de makelaar die alles voor je doet. Tenminste, als je een hele goede makelaar hebt, en gelukkig is Mary Ryan zo’n hele goede makelaar. Zonder haar was het kopen van ons huis in Spanje niet gelukt in de periode die we hiervoor hadden uitgetrokken.

Om in Spanje een huis te kunnen kopen moet je overal zelf naartoe om dingen te regelen, je moet een Spaanse bankrekening openen, een Spaans sofinummer aanvragen een notaris zoeken, en verder moet je zelf de inschrijving in het kadaster regelen. Het kadaster voor de grondoverdracht  is niet op dezelfde plek als het kadaster voor de registratie van de overdracht van het huis, dus hiervoor moet je ook weer 2 keer op stap. Verder veranderen de procedures geregeld, waardoor bijvoorbeeld het aanvragen van een Spaans sofinummer 3 bezoeken, en autoritten van 2 uur kostte. Hoewel we zelf redelijk Spaans spreken, weet ik niet hoe we onze weg in de Spaanse bureaucratie hadden kunnen vinden, zonder Mary. Zij regelde afspraken met alle betrokken partijen en ging met ons mee, regelde alle papierwerk en heeft voor ons de inschrijving in het kadaster verzorgd omdat wij weer terug moesten naar Nederland.

Wij zijn erg blij met haar persoonlijke betrokkenheid voor ons, daarnaast heeft zij ons nog verder kunnen helpen, omdat zij ons aan een betrouwbare en aardige klusjesman heeft geholpen om ons huis te verbouwen. Haar enthousiasme voor Asturias maakte dat we nog blijer waren met ons huis, en deed ons nog meer beseffen dat we een goede keus hadden gemaakt, door hier een huis te kopen.
Ellen Bijsterbosch en Hendrik Jan Vis, Purmerend, Nederland 2014

Owning a house in Spain is a dream, buying a house in Spain is something totally different. Of course you know that the rules are different from your own country but that it is so different still comes as a a surprise. In Holland, where we come from, buying a house is relatively easy, the notary being the one who does all the paperwork, but in Spain it is mainly the estate agent who does all the work, i.e. if you have a good estate agent. Luckily for us, Mary Ryan proved to be a very good estate agent. Without her,  buying our house in Spain would not have worked out so well, in the relatively short time we had planned for dealing with this.

In order to buy a house in Spain, you need to travel around and visit all the parties yourself (again a big difference from the way things are arranged in our country). You have to open up a Spanish bank account, apply for a Spanish identification number, find a notary, and take care of registering your property in the Spanish land register. An example of how time consuming this process can be is that the land register for your house is not situated in the same place where you have to register your land… Taking into account that procedures seem to change constantly, it took us up to 3 visits (and thus 3 two-hours drives) to receive our Spanish identification number.

Although we speak some Spanish, I don’t know how we could have found our way in the Spanish bureaucracy without Mary. She made appointments for us with all the officials and accompanied us to all the meetings, dealt with the paperwork and last but not least did the registration of the land and the house for us, because we had to leave for Holland.

We are very happy with her involvement. And she helped us again enormously by finding us a completely reliable, and very nice handyman, to help to refurbish our home. Her enthusiasm for Asturias made us even more happy with choosing to buy a house here in this beautiful part of Spain.
Ellen Bijsterbosch and Hendrik Jan Vis, Purmerend, The Netherlands

We met Mary when we were looking for a house to buy in Asturias.  From the beginning she has been helpful, friendly and professional.   Fluent Spanish and an impressive knowledge of the region meant that our journey through the bureaucracy and legalities of purchasing a property in a foreign country were navigated with relative ease!  Mary has gone out of her way to ensure that our experience was as stress free as possible.
Karen and Bongani, Switzerland 2014